General Products


LG Hizon offers a Motorcar Insurance. You will get the most comprehensive insurance package which will ensure your safety and peace of mind.

The Standard Motorcar Insurance gives you more reasons to drive with ease and peace of mind with the different coverages.


LG Hizon offers a Personal Accident Insurance can ease the family’s financial and emotional burdens by providing monetary benefits.

Depending on your requirements, Standard Insurance has the ideal coverage that best fits your needs.


LG Hizon offers a Marine Insurance that covers losses of cargoes which subject to the conditions and warranties of the contract. This kind of insurance is used for cargoes transported by a vessel or ship which navigates beyond the territorial limits of one country from which goods originate for transport to another country.

LG Hizon offers a fire Insurance coverage against loss by fire and or lightning. It may include coverage against loss by windstorm or earthquake and other allied risks, when such risks are covered by extension to fire insurance policies or under separate policies.

LG Hizon offers a Bonds agreement whereby one party is called the surety or bondsman, for valuable consideration called the premium, binds itself or himself to guarantee the obligation or undertaking of another party called the principal, with or in favor of a third party called the obligee.