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LG Hizon Insurance Agency and General Services offers Marine Cargo Insurance that covers losses of cargoes being transported either by air, land or sea, subject to the limits, conditions and warranties of the contract.
Protect your cargoes with worries!

Kinds Of Marine Cargo Insurance According To Risk Area
Ocean Marine Cargo

This kind of insurance is use for cargoes transported by a vessel or ship which navigates beyond the territorial limits of one country from which goods originate for transport to another country.

Inter-Island Cargo Insurance

This is an insurance covering cargoes that is being transport or conveyance by vessel or Ship. Similarly, It covers from one port to another within the territorial limits of a country.

Inland Cargo Insurance

In addition, LG Hizon Insurance Agency offer and Insurance for cargoes transported within the island via roads and railways using motorized vehicles.

Hull Insurance

Hull Insurance is the insurance being afford on the ship or vessel including its machinery and equipment.

For more information about this Marine Insurance, please inquire here. You may also call our Customer Service at 072 603-1130 , email us at linaflor.hizon@gmail.com or visit any of our office at #697 Ilocanos Norte, San Fernando City, La Union 2500.