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House Protect

House Protect has the most comprehensive insurance coverage. This will protect your dream house against risks that can endanger your home and your family.

Now you and your loved ones can enjoy your most cherish possession without worries!


  1. Property Damage

– Fire and or Lightning
– Extended Coverage (Smoke, Falling Aircraft, Vehicle)
– Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage (RSMD)

  1. Other Covers
  • Personal dept – protects you against legal dept to third party that gain injury and or damage to property that may arise. This is in connection with the client obligation as head of the family or as an employer of the household helper. Third party is any person other than the Insured, to his family members residing with him up to the second degree related by blood. Furthermore, it also provides cover for fire legal dept.
  • Loss of rent or alternative compromise –pay for the actual cost incurred during the repair of the building, rental cost or loss of rental income in the event building becomes unfit to live following a a loss cause by any of the insured perils.
  1. Other Perils that can be covers under Property Damage

– Earthquake
– Typhoon
– Flood
– Robbery and Burglary
–Damage of water tank