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Student Protect offers affordable insurance packages that can help keep your students healthy and protected in and out of school.

Because nothing is more important than the safety of your students.

Accidental Death

  • Indemnifies an insured’s beneficiary or beneficiaries up to the amount specify in the policy due to accidental death within 180 days from the date of the accident.

Permanent Total Disablement

  • Indemnifies an insured person due to disablement which prevents the Insured Individual from performing normal activities. It has a period of 180 days from date of accident and to the remaining lifetime

Unprovoked Murder and Assault

  • Indemnifies and insured person due to Death or Disablement for the reason of murder and assault. Any thereat provided such murder and assault shall not have been provoke by the Insured. Likewise, Murder and assault shall not have been occasion by or shall not have happened due to war (whether declared or not), rebellion or insurrection. The liability of the Insurer resulting from said murder and assault shall be limit to the applicable principal sum.

Double Indemnity coverage

the Insurer will double any indemnity payable under Death or Disablement if the Insured suffers the injury :

  • while it riding as a passenger within any motorized and duly licensed public utility land transport
  • while riding in an elevator car (elevators in mines and construction sites excluded),
  • or in consequence of the burning of any theater, mall, church, hospital, market, restaurant, or other public building in which the Insured shall be at the commencement of the fire and in which the presence of the Insured is only coincidental.

Medical Reimbursement

  • Cost incurred in respect of medical, surgical, or other remedial treatment prescribe by a qualified medical practitioner; and or hospital, nursing home and ambulance charges following any one accident.

Daily Hospital Cash assistance

  • Hospitalization Aid